Ticket Troopers

Ticket Troopers is a three-player, center of the room quick coin game with an exciting police theme. It challenges players to roll coins across the spinning playfield into the targets to win tickets. A bonus target gives skilled players a chance to win big ticket values. Ticket Troopers has it all, innovation, fun, and great game play.


WHEEL DEAL features 3 thrilling game stations each with its own spinning wheel and unique jackpot values. Players get to test their skills by dropping either coins or tokens down a brightly colored ramp in an attempt to land in the specially marked WIN ZONES. There's also an exciting 4-digit Jackpot at each of the stations. There are up to 50 WIN ZONES per wheel with different wheel variations including Win Every Time, Win on Red or Black, and 50 Win Zones. 


Players spin the wheel and gain points which can then be redeemed for tickets. In turn these tickets can be cashed in for prizes. The sound effects and cabinet art are from Sonic Adventure. After a coin is inserted, the Sonic and Tails wheels start spinning, in opposite directions. The player presses the flashing "Sonic" button first to stop the Sonic wheel, and the number on the outside ring that Sonic's finger is pointing to is the first multiplier. After stopping the Sonic wheel, the "Tails" button activates, and stops the Tails wheel when pressed. Tails points to the numbers on the inside ring. The amount of tickets dispensed is Sonic's number multiplied by Tails' number.


Reel in the Fun! Players step up and pull the handle to spin the big wheel. When the wheel stops, players are rewarded with tickets. For an even bigger catch, a Big Bass Bonus has been added where players can win up to 1000 tickets for a perfect spin!


GalacTix is a exciting new six-sided, six player quick coin redemption game from Chicago Gaming. What makes GalacTix such a special game is that it has the element of a quick coin action game with a unique blend of video gameplay in a very attractive package! 


The skill of a rolldown and the feel of a pusher! That's right, this fast paced one or two player game will keep them hooked trying to dump truck loads of tokens. Each truck can contain up to 250 tokens. 


Smokin Token is a long time favorite quick coin game of both players and operators. Players race coins down the ski jump ramp in an effort to hit target slots in a rotating wheel. This game uses a unique ticket multiplier to reward both the novice and skilled players.


Players drop coins, which are propelled up the power ramp and into the wheel of wonder. Timing the drop just right will win big-ticket prizes!


Time it right so the ball falls through the bonus target, and win extra ball drops and/or mountains of tickets! Even if you miss the bonus hole on the first shot, the bouncing ball careens around the play area before dropping into a point hole... Pure Excitement!


Feel the power of Skee-Ball's NEW Tower of Power! This is an action packed redemption game with futuristic streaking light bars and awesome sound effects ! The player attempts to stop the light bars on the desired payout Fun rewarding game for all ages from teens to adults!


Big shot is a new spectacular token flipping action game. Players insert one to four tokens and flip for target tubes. If they miss the tubes, they still win, with great ticket rewards. Every token wins! powerful sound effects, chase lights and vibrant graphics make big shot a real winner!


CE's latest "whacky" game, considered to be the most interactive whacky game on the market. This game challenges the player to hit the GREEN target aliens, and avoid hitting the RED aliens. The targets changes color during play, making for a simple but challenging gameply. For every green alien that is hit the player wins a predetermined number of tickets, that again is 100% operator adjustable. The game also has a progressive jackpot and if the player reaches the number of target hits required, they win an additional bonus number of tickets. Games also includes player responsive sounds, a tricolor dot matrix display, and operator adjustable redemption settings. SMACK YOUR WAY TO WINNING MORE TICKETS!!!! 


Try to stop the fast-paced moving light to cash in on the 100 ticket jackpot!