Laser Tag on Long Island, Q-ZAR!

Our Laser Tag Arena in Long Island, New York, is conveniently located near the Roosevelt Field Mall. Come by to play laser tag anytime. You can also rent out our laser tag arena for:

Step inside this family-friendly entertainment hub to test your laser tag skills across 4,000 square feet of black-lit battlefield. Q-ZAR's futuristic funscape hosts a tonal tango of fuchsia, cerulean, and radioactive sherbet, interrupted every so often by energized beams. In games of laser tag, aim trumps age, beam-based bravery beats pure brute strength, and strategy almost always prevails over wandering around aimlessly while talking about football. Whether young, old, or medium, all players can prove supremacy behind a laser tag handset if they enter the game with a good attitude. Laser tag can be a pretty intense workout, so let Q-ZAR's playlist of energetic tunes invigorate you as you dish out and dodge neon laser dashes.

Up to 40 players (split into two color coded teams of 20), suited up in Q-ZAR's high tech sensor vest and laser handset can play in the arena at one time. Players enter the surreal, futuristic environment that is enhanced by special effects lighting, and electronic-techno sound with hopes of deactivating the opposing team's headquarters and tagging as many players as possible with their laser beams along the way.

Just as video games evolved from the primordial ooze of"Pong" to the visually stunning and extremely complex games we are witnessing today, Q-ZAR is also advancing on the technology front. Through a variety of game options, Q-ZAR, which is best described as "like getting inside a video game", challenges players with games of increasing skill and strategy. This keeps the regulars interested in the game, provides the occasional player with a wide array of options and games to try out, and maintain Q-ZAR's reputation as,"THE GAME THAT RUNS ON ADRENALINE, NOT BATTERIES."

Stop by our laser tag arena in long island to check it out! 

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Q-Zar Laser Tag, Long Island, Carle Place, NY