Corporate Outing? Corporate Seminars?

Some of you may already know us....

Visualize for a moment crouching in the shadows, seeking cover. Your heart is pounding, adrenaline is pumping and endorphins are coursing through your body. Your heart's beating faster than the laser beam that just ripped by your nose at 186,000 miles per second! You scream with exhilaration, your senses are alive, straining for the slightest sign of an approaching opponent, a footstep, an image, a sound!

Out of the misty blackness, a figure appears and a laser pierces the air. You propel yourself sideways, narrowly escaping a brilliant green laser beam. You take aim and unload a volley of red laser beams, as the departing figure vanishes into the haze. This is the world of Q-Zar! A game of stealth and team strategy. 

Whether you're looking for a way to get your employees to bond or you're just looking for a fun activity to motivate your staff and get out of the office, Q-ZAR is here with the perfect corporate outing. With our strategically located center just minuts from New York City, our indoor laser tag facility can provide your company with "out of this world" action and essential team building and strategizing skills to put your company on top. For more information, call 516-877-7200.

Get Inside the Game

Companies in the tri-state New York area choose Q-ZAR for their corporate outings because we know how to boost morale and make your team a cohesive unit. We are you're local team-building leaders.

Q-ZAR helps prepare your company's leaders for the high intensity atmosphere that comes with the corporate environment. Whether you're looking to relieve stress or stimulate the relationships between co-workers and management, Q-ZAR knows exactly how to boost you're company with our corporate laser tag groups. 

Corporate Seminar:

At Q-ZAR, we know that for a company to function to its maximum potential, performance needs to be maximized internally before anything else. If you have a group that is not reaching its maximum potential, you're missing out on a massive opportunity cost. Ensure that you're getting the most out of your greatest strategic asset, your staff, by engaging in a strategic and exhilarating day of laser tag at our facility in Carle Place, Long Island. Whether you're here for a bit of team building or just a relaxing day away from the stress of an intense industry, you can count on Q-ZAR for the best corporate outing experience.

See what you can expect from your day of laser tag:

"The Team That Plays Together, Stays Together" 

* In this high-tech, high-energy team-building seminar, all participants will suit up, go through a Q-Briefing, and play a game of Q-Zar; along with the rest of their team.

* After the game, team coaches will meet with each team. As they go over their individual scorecards, review their performance, both as individuals and as a team, each team will complete a worksheet. This group task focuses on what was learned that will help the team "play better" together in the next game.

* Suggestions and tips, on strategy and tactics, will also be offered.

* Everyone then suits up again, re-enters the Arena and plays a second game. Following the game, scorecards and performances are again reviewed and compared with those of the first game.

* During the didactic training session that follows, focus is directed onto those factors identified earlier that contribute to success in playing together and that are generalizable to working together as well.

* A handout will then be presented and reviewed that focuses on those factors that lead to success in playing together as a team and the "8 C's of Staying Together as a Team."

* The seminar ends with each participant filling out a personal worksheet detailing those principles, practice or ideas that they can take back to work and the setting of a least one specific, measurable goal that will promote an increased sense of teamwork at work.


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