Laser Tag, Long Island, NY

Q-ZAR is proud to bring you the key to your greatest experience in Long Island: Laser Tag. Located near the Roosevelt Field Mall in Carle Place, NY, Q-ZAR is a top-notch laser tag facility just minutes from New York City. 

This section is to give you more information about laser tag in Long Island. Be sure to also look through the basic rules and game options.

What is Laser Tag

In Q-ZAR laser tag, you score points for yourself and your team by tagging opponents using your laser handset. There are two teams, each with their own headquarters. Your objective is to shoot your opposing team's headquarters. If you shoot it twice, an alarm will sound and lights will flash. You can also score additional points by tagging opposing players.

How to Tag Players

In laser tag, you can tag players in different places:
  • On the sides of their laser handset
  • Down the barrel of the laser handset
  • On the front panel of the laser tag vest
  • On the back panel of the laser tag vest
When you tag a player, their vest will flash to let you know you hit them. If you hit a bulls-eye shot, your phaser may say "Good Shot!". If you get five good shots in a row, you are supercharged and your gun will say "Good Shot! Well Played!" and you will get rapid fire shooting in three shot pulses. You can also then deactivate the opposing team's headquarters. 

What happens when I get tagged?

When you get tagged by another player in laser tag, your phaser will say "Defense shield active! Warning!" and this will go on for six seconds. During this time, you cannot tag anyone. If someone tags you during this time, you will be able to tag again. 

What is a Reflex Shot?

A reflex shot is a quick shot after someone tags you. You have one second after someone tags you to take advantage of this window and return fire quickly.