Laser Tag Rules

In order to ensure that Q-ZAR is the safest and most fun laser tag experience you cold have in the metro New York City area, we have a few ground rules that all participant must follow. Our basic laser tag rules and regulations are:

  1. No Running
  2. No Physical Contact
  3. Hold Laser With Both Hands
  4. No Climbing
  5. Players must be careful when maneuvering around interior arena walls
  6. Please let us know if any of your guests suffer from the following: Asthma, epilepsy or suffer from seizures caused by fog or strobe lights
Q-ZAR will not tolerate any running in the arena. There is to be No Tolerance on this rule or any other. If at any time the players of any age or any group do not follow the rules and regulations of Q-zar, they will be ejected immediately. If any one player is running, the game will be ended immediately without warning.