Common Laser Tag Terms

cheater- 1. A good player; a player so good he must be cheating (not someone who actually cheats). 2. Exclamation of disgust. Used most often when someone takes all your lives. 3. Ironically for covering. For example, in response to "how'd you lose to him," you might say "He cheated. He kept covering his sensors and stuff." 

dead- Describing player when he's out of lives and returning to the energizer. Note that a player on warning or defense shields is not dead. He is down. 

dink- 1. The shot confirmation sound. When a player gets tagged, his sensors trasmit a shot confirmation signal which contains the I.D. of the player who tagged him. If the equipment of the player who shot him receives this signal it makes the dink sound. 2 (n.) An inexperienced player; a fish. Often plural: "bunch of dinks." 

dong- 1. The sound made when a player gets shot by his own team. This sound lasts for about one second. He cannot be tagged by the other team, his own team, or the marshal laser. If a player is on warning and his own team shoots him, his laser will make the dong sound and his warnings end. To shoot one's own team. 

double tag- A double tag is when you get shot, go for your reflex, and get shot again before your defense shields start. Double tags are much easier with the shots per second rate set above one. 

down- When a player is tagged and has lives left, he must wait through a six second penalty sequence. During this six seconds the laser says "Defense shield, active, active, warning, warning, warning." It is during this period that player is said to be down. In small games of experienced players, where verbal communication is critical, team mates will often report their status to each other. 

download- After the game is over, players return to the energizer one last time. This last trip makes the gun stop saying "game over, return to energizer" as well as transmitting any remaining hits on the gun to the game computer. Downloading puts a check by the players number of the game computer. 

first call- 1. The announcement for people who haven't played before to go to the briefing room. 2. (n.) The briefing corresponding to this announcement. 3. (n.) Someone who hasn't played before; a person in a first call briefing. Sometimes pronounced "fish call." Arguably the worst, possibly the most important, and definitely the most repetitive part of a marshal's job. 

headquarters- Each team has a headquarters. A player must get directly (barring technical glitches) underneath the headquarters and shoot up. A headquarters is deactivated by shooting it twice. The time between these shots must be equal to the HQ Delay. 

marshal- Q-Zar employee that enforces rules, teaches people how to play, and answers phones. 

newbie nuker- A player of experience who picks on inexperienced players; a fish-killer. 

second call- The second portion of the game briefing; the part of the brief heard by people who have played before. See first call. 

warning- 1. Last three seconds of the penalty sequence, see defense shield. 2. Of or describing a player whose laser is on the warning part of the penalty sequence.