Laser Tag Game Options

Our goal at Q-ZAR is to keep the fun coming through your time with us. As a result, we've developed a few laser tag game options that you and your fellow players can go through. If you're looking for the best experience, rotate up your game mode to keep everything fresh as you go. Here are some of our top tier game modes:


This is the standard type of laser tag game. Tag your opponents and try to tag their headquarters to score points. 


In this game, you must be "supercharged" in order to deactivate the opposing team's headquarters. To become supercharged, you must tag five opponents in a row without being tagged yourself. Once this happens, you will get 3-shot rapid burst shooting, and you will be supercharged. Then you will be able to shoot the opposing team's headquarters and deactivate it. Note that to become supercharged, you must make 5 good shots. Your phaser will say "Good Shot" when you make a clean, accurate shot. Additionally, when you are supercharged, your phaser will make a different sound when it fires, alerting other players to your supercharged status!


In a solo game, it's every player for themselves. There are no teams. It doesn't matter what color vest/phaser you have. You can shoot anyone, deactivate any headquarter and can energize at any color energizer. These games are usually only run when there are just a few players. 


In an eliminator game, you are trying to eliminate other players. Before, you could energize an unlimited number of times, however in this game you start with a limited number of lives (such as 10). Each time you get shot, you must return to the energizer to shoot again, but you lose one life. When you are out of lives, you are out of the game. If you successfully shoot someone and get a Good Shot, you gain a life. 


In a stun game, you have unlimited lives and you do not have to reenergize after you are shot. This game can be quite hectic as players are concerned more with shooting and less with being tagged themselves. 


This type of game is more advanced as it introduces mines. Unused vests are placed in strategic locations around the laser tag arena. Each will "detonate" at certain intervals of time, either randomly or at a specified rate. Players are warned about the detonation beforehand when the unit will begin flashing and saying "Warning!" It will then shoot in all directions. If you are nearby, you will be tagged. The mines may or may not be set to invulnerable mode. When set this way, nothing can be done to stop the detonation. When not set, you can zap the mine to disable it for a period of time.