CycloneTry to stop the fast-paced moving light to cash in on the 100 ticket jackpot!


SLAM A WINNERTime it right so the ball falls through the bonus target, and win extra ball drops and/or mountains of tickets! Even if you miss the bonus hole on the first shot, the bouncing ball careens around the play area before dropping into a point hole... Pure Excitement!

Wonder Wheel

Wonder WheelPlayers drop coins, which are propelled up the power ramp and into the wheel of wonder. Timing the drop just right will win big-ticket prizes!

Smokin Token

Smokin TokenSmokin Token is a long time favorite quick coin game of both players and operators. Players race coins down the ski jump ramp in an effort to hit target slots in a rotating wheel. This game uses a unique ticket multiplier to reward both the novice and skilled players.

Wheel Deal

Wheel DealWHEEL DEAL features 3 thrilling game stations each with its own spinning wheel and unique jackpot values. Players get to test their skills by dropping either coins or tokens down a brightly colored ramp in an attempt to land in the specially marked WIN ZONES. There's also an exciting 4-digit Jackpot at each of the stations. There are up to 50 WIN ZONES per wheel with different wheel variations including Win Every Time, Win on Red or Black, and 50 Win Zones.

Hot Stuff

Hot StuffCheck out our new crane game, loaded with awesome prizes! See if you have the skill to line up the crane and snag one of the great prizes inside!

Crank It!

Crank It!Gear up for our new redemption game, Crank It! Players step up to the bright and colorful game, pull the handle up and give it a big push down to spin the drum. Players are rewarded with tickets depending on where the drum stops. Spin it just right to hand on the big 500 ticket bonus!

Ticket Troopers

Ticket TroopersTicket Troopers is a three-player, center of the room quick coin game with an exciting police theme. It challenges players to roll coins across the spinning playfield into the targets to win tickets. A bonus target gives skilled players a chance to win big ticket values. Ticket Troopers has it all, innovation, fun, and great game play.